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Kuni Hikaka's House Bilingual.png

Kuni Hikaka's House - Bilingual (2021)

Story: Pritu Vatsa | Illustrations: Anjali Joy

This book is an attempt to portray the vernacular architecture of the Kuvi villages, and showcase how arts and culture are embedded in them. This bilingual version of Kuni Hikaka’s House is in English and Kuvi. Kuvi is the first language of the Kuvi people, known as Kondhs by outsiders. The script is Odia, since Kuvi doesn't have a script of its own.

Kuni Hikaka's House English.jpg

Kuni Hikaka's House - English (2020)

Story: Pritu Vatsa | Illustrations: Anjali Joy

Small, yet big things make up the house of a Kondh child. House is not just a room or two, but a place where culture and worldview grows. A Kondh house accommodates all. Coop for chicken, shed for cows, space for storing seeds, and more. Verandahs are connected and common. Rooms are for sleeping. The book depicts some of these elements from the Kondh housing.

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